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Turn what you've learned in courses, bootcamps, & schools into the experience needed to land a Web Development job as a Developer, UI/UX Designer, Product Owner, or Scrum Master. Our 6-week remote team projects help you level-up technical & soft skills sought after by employers.

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A collaborative learning experience

You will leave Chingu with portfolio projects, confidence from experience, and the soft skills that the 21st century world needs.

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57% of full-time entry-level jobs now ask for 3 years or more of experience.

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Sick of doing tutorial after tutorial with nothing to show for them?

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It can be hard to find someone to help you get unstuck.

What Developers Think

Chingu has guided thousands of developers on learning adventures

Chingu has helped thousands of people learning in-demand skills accelerate their learning through collaboration and project-building.

“I got my first developer job at the age of 35 largely due to the technical AND soft skills I gained through Chingu.”

Eric Zumwalt
United States

“I realized pretty quickly that I was learning more from the Voyage project than from everything I did in the entire rest of the year put together.”

Sarah Schneider
United States

“Chingu was a great place for me because while working on the projects there, I honed my skills and I learned how to collaborate with other developers. During my job interview process, I was able to speak on the projects I worked on at Chingu. It impressed my interviewers and consequently, I landed a job at a Fortune 500.”

Owen Ekhator
United States

Turn Knowledge into Experience

Real projects in Real teams

When you join Chingu, you will collaborate with others to build & launch real projects using any Web Dev Language (JS, Python, etc.). We match learners from all skill levels, all timezones, and a variety of different tech stacks.

Voyage project screenshot

Toucan Coffee

An e-commerce subscription site for a coffee shop.

Tier 1 (beginner)

HTML, CSS, Flexbox
Voyage project screenshot


Explore exciting travel destinations based on your interests.

Tier 2 (intermediate)

Frontend Framework & API usage (optional)
Voyage project screenshot

Scheduling Assistant Mgr.

A tool to create, distribute & maintain work schedules.

Tier 3 (advanced)

Backend API, Database (optional)

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