Boost your career with team projects

All self-directed developers run into the same problems. No team experience, feeling lost working alone, endless tutorials, & not enough finished projects. The good news? Chingu solves them.

How it Works

Level-up your career from anywhere

We place motivated people with similar goals together in project teams which allows them level-up in ways they couldn't otherwise.


Developer Teams


Coders & Designers


Pair-programming hours

Learn to Collaborate

Learn to Collaborate and gain experience as a Modern Developer

Gain experience using collaboration tools that are used in modern tech companies. Real-time messaging, async communication, task management tools, audio / video meetings, etc.

Team screenshot
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Participate in weekly team standups
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Real-time messaging & async communication
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Communicate & collaborate with your team in text / audio / video channels
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Overcome the same challenges developers face on the job

Use Real World Tools

Use the real-world coding tools you'll use on the job

Learn to manage your project's codebase in a team setting like a pro! This is one of the most valuable skills you will learn as a developer and will unlock a new world of collaboration opportunities.

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Build and refine your Git skills
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Contribute fixes and features to the project using Git and Github
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Participate in code reviews with teammates to ensure the quality of your project

Grow & Thrive

Thrive with Deadlines & Accountability

Just like in the workplace, you will have deadlines. Deadlines will push you out of your comfort zone and accelerate your learning.

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Deadlines will make you actually finish your projects
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Our deadlines will give structure to your learning journey
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Get out of tutorial purgatory

Learn Soft Skills

Learn the soft skills you need to excel in your career

Improving your soft skills is one of the best investments you can make in your career. Technology is always changing, but the need for soft skills does not change. Linkedin found that 57% of senior leaders today say that soft skills are more important than hard skills.

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Learn how to communicate your ideas in a professional setting
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Collaborate with people with different mindsets and from different countries
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Improve your time-management skills
Soft Skills

Learn about Pair Programming

Do Weekly Pair-programming Matching

Learn how to code with another developer and gain valuable collaboration experience. Learn how other coders approach challenges and how they think.

Pair Programming
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Meet a new developer every week to solve a coding challenge
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Take what you know to the next level by sharing your knowledge with others
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Learn new technologies and techniques from your peers

How Voyages Work

The Chingu Process

Chingu follows an Agile methodology to create an environment where you can level-up your "hard" & "soft" skills while providing you with the freedom to be creative.

Chingu process step #1
1. Apply
Your learning adventure starts the moment you decide to join Chingu.
Chingu process step #2
2. Validate your expertise through a Solo Project
Finish or submit a project to make sure you're prepared for the program.
Chingu process step #3
3. Be placed in a team
Get placed in a remote team of Chingus eager to learn.
Chingu process step #4
4. Build, build, build
Decide on a project and build it together. Practice critical team workflow.
Chingu process step #5
5. Overcome obstacles
Overcome obstacles real developers face. Level up as a human.
Chingu process step #6
6. Succeed & repeat
Get a job, join another Voyage - or do both.

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